What Are The Differences Between Snow Crab And King Crab?

If you’re looking for an unusual seafood addition to your dinner menu, look no further than snow or king crab. Both are delightful dishes that can make any meal special, but what’s the difference between these two types of crabs? In this blog post, we’ll unpack the key differences between snow crab vs king crab and explore why each might be a better choice depending on your preferences. Read on to find out more!

What Is Snow Crab?

Snow crab is a large, marine-dwelling crab species native to the icy waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It’s known for its snow-white coloration and sweet flavor. Snow crabs are harvested in both Canada and Alaska, and they’re typically found in grocery stores either whole or already cooked.

Cooked Snow Crab
Cooked Snow Crab

What Does Snow Crab Taste Like?

Snow Crabs have a mild, delicate flavor that is often described as being sweet and succulent. The texture of Snow Crabs is slightly chewy with a firm, meaty bite. When cooked properly, Snow Crabs can offer a wide range of flavors from subtle sweetness to salty brininess. Depending on how they are prepared, Snow Crabs can taste slightly sweet, tangy, nutty or buttery. They are often served with a wide variety of seasonings and sauces that can enhance their flavor even further. For optimal flavor, it is best to eat fresh Snow Crabs that have been cooked within 24 hours of being harvested.

Where Does Snow Crab Come From?

Snow Crabs are mainly found in cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, including Canada’s east coast. They can also be found along the coasts of Norway, Iceland, and Greenland. Snow Crabs typically inhabit depths between 200 to 800 meters (650 to 2,600 feet). They tend to live on the sea floor amongst rocks and other structures, where they feed on small mollusks, crustaceans, and worms. Snow Crabs are harvested commercially off the east coast of Canada in areas such as the Gulf of St Lawrence and offshore Newfoundland. Additionally, limited harvesting takes place in some parts of eastern Russia.

What Is King Crab?

King crab is an even larger type of crab found in the northern Pacific Ocean. It’s known for its bright red-orange shell and flavorful meat, which makes it popular in high-end restaurants. King crabs can live up to 100 years, making them a sustainable seafood option.

Cooked King Crab
Cooked King Crab

What Does King Crab Taste Like?

King Crabs have a sweet, succulent flavor with a slightly salty and nutty aftertaste. The texture of King Crabs is firm yet tender, making them an ideal choice for light meals such as salads or sandwiches. When cooked properly, King Crabs can offer a range of flavorful notes that include subtle sweetness, tanginess, and buttery richness. They are often enjoyed with a variety of seasonings and sauces that can enhance their flavor even further. For optimal taste, it is best to cook fresh King Crabs within three days of being harvested.

Where Does King Crab Come From?

King Crabs have a wide range of habitats around the world, including the icy depths of the Bering Sea, the North Pacific Ocean, and Arctic waters. They are most commonly found in the shallow and coastal areas of Alaska, Russia, and Japan. King Crabs typically feed on small mollusks, crustaceans, and worms that live on the sea floor amongst rocks and other structures. The majority of commercially harvested King Crabs come from the Barents Sea in Russia, however, there is limited harvesting that takes place in other areas such as Alaska and Japan.

What Are The Differences Between Snow Crab Vs King Crab?

Size And Taste

The key difference between snow crabs and king crabs is their size. Snow crabs are much smaller than king crabs, with an average weight of 1 to 2 pounds compared to 5-8 pounds for king crabs. This means that snow crab will yield less meat per crab compared to the larger king crab.

Another difference between snow crab vs king crab is flavor. Snow crab is often described as having a mild, sweet flavor, while king crab has a more intense, full-bodied taste. Snow crab is also more delicate than king crab and can be easier to overcook.

Meat Quality

When it comes to the quality of their meat, snow crab is known for having a softer texture and a higher moisture content. King crab has a firmer texture and a lower moisture content, making it more suitable for dishes that require long cooking times.

Season and Sourcing

The season for snow crabs runs from October to April, while the season for king crabs usually starts in November and ends in February. This means that snow crabs are generally less expensive than king crabs since they’re available longer.

When it comes to sourcing, snow crab is typically caught using pots or traps which don’t harm surrounding marine life. King crabs, on the other hand, are usually caught using trawls, which can be more destructive to the ocean floor.


The preparation of snow crab vs king crab is fairly similar, although snow crabs can be steamed or boiled whole while king crabs may need to be cut up into smaller pieces first. Snow crabs are usually served cold with butter and lemon, while king crab legs are often boiled and served hot.


When it comes to crackability, snow crabs are usually easier to eat than king crabs since they tend to have thinner shells. King crab legs are sometimes too tough for people to crack open on their own and require the use of a special tool or technique.


Snow crabs are usually cheaper than king crabs due to their smaller size and shorter harvesting season. This makes snow crab a great option for those looking for an affordable seafood dinner.

Overall, snow crab vs king crab each has their own unique characteristics that make them special additions to any seafood meal. Whether you’re looking for a delicate flavor or an intense taste, either snow crab or king crab can make an excellent dish. Make sure to look for sustainable sources of both snow and king crabs so you can enjoy these delicious seafood options with a clear conscience!

How To Cook Snow Crab?

Snow Crabs can be cooked in a variety of ways, including steaming, boiling, and grilling.

How To Steam Snow Crab?

To steam Snow Crabs, place the raw Snow Crabs in a large pot filled with 1-2 inches of water. Cover the pot and bring the water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low and allow the Snow Crabs to cook for 10 minutes. Once cooked, remove from the pot and serve immediately with your desired dipping sauce.

How To Boil Snow Crab?

To boil Snow Crabs, fill a large pot with enough water to cover the Snow Crabs. Bring the water to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Once cooked, remove the Snow Crabs from the pot and serve with your desired dipping sauce.

How To Grill Snow Crab?

To grill Snow Crabs, preheat a grill to medium-high heat. Place the Snow Crabs on a greased grilling rack or aluminum foil and season as desired. Grill for 5-7 minutes per side or until cooked through. Once cooked, remove from the grill and serve with your desired dipping sauce.

Snow Crabs can also be cooked in a variety of other ways including baking, roasting, and stir-frying. For each method, it’s best to season the Snow Crab before cooking and serve it with your favorite dipping sauces for an added burst of flavor.

Cooked Snow Crab legs on the pan
Cooked Snow Crab legs on the pan

How To Cook King Crab?

King Crabs can be cooked in a variety of ways, including steaming, boiling, grilling, and baking.

How To Steam King Crab?

Discover the secret to perfectly succulent King Crabs with our steaming technique. Simply place the raw King Crabs into a large pot with a hint of water and let the magic begin! Cover the pot and watch as the steam slowly cooks the crabs to tender perfection. In just 8-10 minutes, your taste buds will be indulged with the freshest and most delectable King Crab. Don’t forget to serve it with your favorite dipping sauce and savor every bite of this seafood delicacy.

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How To Boil King Crab?

Transforming King Crabs into a delectable feast has never been easier! Take a large pot and fill it with enough water to give these regal crustaceans a safe and cozy bath. Bring the water to a boil and let them simmer for roughly 8-10 minutes, allowing all the savory flavors to infuse into every crevice of the crab’s sweet meat. Once cooked, extract them from the warm embrace of the pot and prepare for a royal dining experience. Drizzle your favorite dipping sauce or indulge in its natural flavor, the possibilities are as endless as the ocean!

How To Grill King Crab?

Impress your guests with perfectly grilled King Crabs! Get the grill nice and hot, and season your crab legs just the way you like them. After only 5-7 minutes per side, you’ll have succulent, perfectly cooked crab meat that’s bound to delight even the most discerning seafood lover. And don’t forget to dip those delicious legs into your favorite sauce! Your dinner party is sure to be a hit with this mouth-watering dish.

Elevate your King Crab experience by exploring new and exciting ways to cook this delectable delicacy. Impress your friends and family with baked or roasted King Crab, infused with your favorite seasonings. Or, spice things up with a sizzling stir-fry! Don’t forget to dip your succulent King Crab in mouth-watering sauces for an explosion of flavor in every bite. Let your culinary creativity run wild and take your taste buds on an adventure with these exciting cooking methods.

Man holds a pan of cooked King crab legs
Man holds a pan of cooked King crab legs

No matter how they are cooked, both Snow and King Crabs make for a delicious meal. With their sweet and succulent meat, these crustaceans can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes that are sure to please the palate. So when you’re looking for something new and different to serve at your next gathering or family feast, consider adding Snow and King Crabs to the menu.

Popular Recipes For Snow Crab 

Looking for some snow crab recipes? Here are a few to try:

  • Snow Crab Bisque – A creamy, comforting soup made with snow crab and vegetables.
  • Snow Crab Cakes – Delicious patties made with snow crabmeat, breadcrumbs, and spices.
  • Snow Crab Pasta – A quick and easy meal made with snow crab and your favorite pasta.
  • Snow Crab Sushi – Delicious snow crab rolls served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.
Snow Crab Bisque
Snow Crab Bisque

Popular Recipes For King Crab 

Want to try some king crab recipes? Here are a few ideas:

  • King Crab Legs – Boiled or steamed and served with plenty of butter and lemon.
  • King Crab Salad – A refreshing salad made with snow crab, lettuce, and other vegetables.
  • King Crab Ceviche – A Latin American classic made with king crab, tomatoes, onions, and lime juice.
  • King Crab Risotto – An Italian dish made with king crab, rice, and herbs.
King Crab Salad
King Crab Salad

No matter which type of crab you choose to prepare, snow crab vs king crab can be enjoyed all year round. Be sure to check for sustainable sources of both snow and king crabs so you can enjoy these delicious seafood options with a clear conscience!

Conclusion: Snow Crab Vs King Crab

In conclusion, snow crab vs king crab are both delicious options for any seafood lover. Whether you’re looking for a milder flavor or a bigger yield of meat, snow or king crabs can make a great addition to your dinner table. With so many differences between snow crab and king crab, it’s up to you to decide which is best for your needs. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to be delighted by the results! Thanks for reading at mollysmtview!

FAQ: Snow Crab Vs King Crab

Which is better king crab or snow crab?

King and snow crabs offer a world of differences in their taste as well as how they are typically used. The King crab reigns supreme when it comes to the deliciousness of its meat, often served as an exclusive delicacy on its own or with a delightful buttery dip.

Does king crab and snow crab taste different?

The king crab offers a truly royal flavor experience with its sweet and rich leg meat, similar to that of lobster. For an extra touch of elegance, the snow crab will transform from red to white upon cooking; serving up a delightful mix of sweetness tempered by briny undertones.

Why is king crab more expensive than snow crab?

King crab is a sought-after delicacy for its sustenance and lobster-like flavor, but it comes with an expensive price tag. Fortunately, NOAA Fisheries has introduced snow crab legs as the more economically viable alternative— they still offer great taste while being sustainably harvested.

Why is snow crab so cheap?

Snow crab wholesale prices are feeling the pinch of inflation, declining by an alarming 30% according to Undercurrent News. With consumers tightening their purse strings, demand for luxury grocery items like snow crabs is low – causing fishermen to reevaluate their schedules and fishing practices in this turbulent time.

Is snow crab more expensive?

Alaskans know their seafood and they’ve certainly made a splash with snow crab – the state’s biggest industry in terms of crabs. Though still an indulgence (rarely dipping below $25 per pound), they are much more budget-friendly than kings, making them a tasty treat without breaking the bank!

Why is king crab so popular?

Chef Choy celebrates crab meat like no other – offering sweetness and meatiness in perfect harmony. Plus, it’s the leanest protein you can get with 100 calories per serving and an incredible 19 grams of protein!

Is king crab more expensive?

Experience the ultimate indulgence with wild-caught red king crab – a prized seafood delicacy so exquisite that it fetches over 30% more than its less luxurious cousin, golden king crab. For just 2 pounds of these premium crustaceans, you can revel in the divine taste of pristine Alaskan waters.

Is king crab more expensive than lobster?

Lobster may be a costly delicacy, but king crab legs are even pricier. With their succulent chunks of white meat packed into every leg, they contain more protein per pound than the whole lobster – making them a seafood feast worth splurging on!

Is eating snow crab good for you?

Snow Crab is an excellent source of iron, essential for the transport and delivery of oxygen throughout our body. Additionally, zinc which plays a pivotal role in keeping up immunity levels can be found within this delicacy! This chilly crustacean also provides vitamins C and several B vitamins such as B3, B5, and B6 to fuel your health needs.

Is eating king crab healthy?

King crabs are the nutrition stars of healthy living. A 3-ounce portion delivers only 1 gram of fat and 82 calories, yet hold a mighty 16 grams of protein to keep you fuller for longer!

Are snow crabs going extinct?

After four years of meticulous research, NOAA fisheries biologist Fedewa discovered an alarming decline in snow crab populations between 2019 and 2021. Unexpectedly, the population dropped even further this year – a concerning pattern that has scientists searching for answers.

Why is king crab prices so high?

As seafood experts predict, limited global supplies of both king and snow crab could mean higher prices for customers. This is particularly significant as these delicacies are sourced from only a few areas worldwide – the United States, Russia, Canada (which recently completed its harvest), and Norway.

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